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Lithuanian and Japanese culture

Hi, Lithuania and many other countries!
This is where I share information about Lithuania and Linen with Japanese people.
But I just came up with an idea like "Why not I share information about Japan with
Lithuanian people and maybe with others, too! `

First of all, LinenKids is an Lithuanian children's linen clothing company and
I've been working with them for a year and a half so far.
Between Lithuania and Japan, we have been contacted each other
mostly using e-mail but had never met yet.
But finally, the LinenKids founder, Jurate had a chance to come to Japan
and the other day, we met for the first time here in Hiroshima!!
She met a lot of Japanese people, ate a lot of Japanese food, experienced a lot of
things and she seemed have been amazed by our country!

By the way, when I exchange information for business with her or her co-worker,
I sometimes find cultural differences between both countries. I think they do, too.
Maybe many other people who do business with other countries,more or less feel
the same way. I mean every culture or people's thought are respectful in their way
and it is important to learn and try to understand each other whether it is for
business or not.

I love all the LinenKids staffs in Lithuania and am very interested in this country,
To keep good relationship with them, I want to keep learning about this country
and people. Because, the bounding with Lithuania which was brought to me
by Linen is my life long treasure.

In this blog, I will try to share information about Lithuania, linen, Lithuanian culture,
LinenKids products and many other Lithuania related things with Japanese people
as well as to share about Japanese culture with Lithuanian or other countries' people
in the category of "Japanese culture".
I hope it will help us to built better relationship for both country!
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